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What is Lumbung GeoAppliance?

Geospatial Tools

Like the “Lumbung” or barn in charge of collecting, processing and distributing agricultural products, Lumbung GeoAppliance provide solutions to collaborate hardware, data, software and applications that are packaged into a single appliance, which became the barn with a variety of data, processed into useful information and deployed to be accessible from various locations, including via mobile devices.


Lumbung GeoAppliance also provide a value-added applications that create varied spatial data-based analysis to support better decision making.




Supporting data spatial management, from the stage of data generation to storage in the Database, as well as publishing data into Map Service.


Helps to perform analysis and decision making with spatial visualization support and data access from multiple locations via web or mobile.


Support data collaboration between multi sectors or institutions, and integrate with various other systems such as ERP and others so as to enrich data and analysis.


Provide efficiency and effectiveness. Lumbung GeoAppliance will minimize the need for paper maps. The use of digital maps will also be better than the accuracy when doing the analysis.

Features and Functions

fitur dan fungsi geo appliance

Why Choosing Lumbung GeoAppliance ?


Plug and Play

Lumbung is an appliance that is not just “collect” component, but to integrate the data. so as to build the user does not need to experience di culties in preparing the supporting devices. It only takes a little time to configure the environment, and then the user can directly use all the existing facilities.



Lumbung GeoAppliance, built not only in certain circles, but as far as possible be pack- aged in order to be utilized by various stake- holders from di erent sectors of industry and business sectors. Recognizing the different needs that exist, and also to keep bringing up e ciency, then the Lumbung GeoAppliance built with 3-level scale: StartUp, Standard, and Enterprise, which each have the ability scalability, so that any time users can easily upgrade to the data.

Integrated App

Applications that exist in GeoAppliance consists of a Web GIS application based Rich Internet Application technology capable of delivering attractive appearance, smooth, dynamic, to have a very good performance. This application not only visualize the data, but is equipped with numerous features for analyzing, accessing other data from the GIS Server’s out, accessing a variety of other available Map Service, to be able to repair the data directly via a web browser (on the y). Also equipped with a portal into the library catalog and showcase of the data that is owned and Web Portal to display the latest information to the user management

State of the Art

Lumbung using the latest technologies and features, so as to provide convenience and ease of use in managing


Lumbung GeoAppliance has android and iOS mobile apps, can access maps on customer devices, connect with portal catalog to input data via gadget.

User Testimonials

“Thank you for the cooperation and assistance for us.” For us, Lumbung has provided the right benefits and solutions for us, especially to make the information very valuable. Lumbung is a hardware with high-level specifications that can better support in developing spatial data information. To maximize the utilization of Lumbung hardware and software in this application, it is expected that the related Lumbung team can contribute on an ongoing basis.

TI, Kementerian Dalam Negeri (2014)

“We would like to thank VivaStor for the cooperation with the Directorate General of Mineral and Coal in developing a web-based geographic information system.” We really hope that cooperation can be well established in the future. Broadly speaking, Lumbung GeoAppliance product is very good as a solution in GIS development, where the current trend is ease of access Spatial Data wherever located with website technology. But along with the technology advancement and various engineering techniques, data security features become very important in developing a web-based GIS. Our hope in the future, Lumbung GeoAppliance can be a means in developing advanced web-GIS with reliable data protection.

Pusdatin, Direktorat Jenderal Mineral & Batubara ESDM (2014)

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