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Agriculture Solutions

Welcome to modern agriculture era with customized solutions that fits to your needs.

In meeting the needs of human food and spurring economic growth, the management of agricultural land resources is often less prudent and does not consider aspects of sustainability so that its sustainability is increasingly threatened.

As a result, high-quality land resources are becoming increasingly declining over time. This has implications for decreasing food security, poorer food yields, and the level and intensity of severe pollution and other environmental damage.

lumbung AIS for modern agriculture solutions

Therefore, it needs an effective and efficient agricultural land management system so that the human need for food can be fulfilled along with the increasing of food security and sustainability of the land.

Lumbung AIS Solutions

Lumbung AIS (Agriculture Information System) is a solution that provide a geographical view for planning and management of agricultural land. Some of the advantages of AIS Lumbung:

  • Visualize data in spatial form. The information held is displayed in accordance with the geographical form, so that the data more easily understood spatially, and can be more easily processed/analyzed. For example, rice production data per site can be displayed in accordance with the shape of the rice field area and given color indicators according to the level of productivity in the area.
  • Easy data sharing/data access. With Lumbung AIS, displayed data can be easily seen by users. For example, there is a disturbance to the irrigation system in an area. Such information may be communicated from farmers/inspection staff in the field to the decision maker in the office, with position and condition information of the disturbance that can be accurately viewed by the decision maker.
  • Spatial-based analysis.┬áData displayed is spatially based, allowing for spatial analysis. Such as crop production analysis, agricultural irrigation systems analysis, and so forth. The analysis results can provide careful consideration in agricultural management planning.
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