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Mining Solutions

Mining management solutions in the digital age.

Exploration activities are one of the challenges and a very fundamental factor for the mining industry, because basically, there will be no mining without exploration activities. Therefore, good exploration data and easily accessible is necessary.

Another challenge is illegal mining activities caused by lack of efficiency in governance processes, particularly in issuing mining permits.

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geo spatial solutions for mining industry
spatial maps for mining industry

Lumbung GeoAppliance Solutions

Lumbung GeoAppliance developing location-based platforms to create better governance in the mining industry.

This platform is designed to generate ‘trouble free’ mining permits and makes it easy for all stakeholders to access relevant official mining data on smart maps in real-time and on any device.

Lumbung GeoAppliance integrating and analyzing data from various business systems to generate a dynamic and interactive map-based view of information. This view contains restrictions on mining areas, the names of mining companies and their production numbers, post-mining reclamation, mining area conditions, and more.

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