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Optimize your property assets utilization.

Companies with multiple ownership of land and building assets, usually have difficulty in making their assets more productive.

The difficulties encountered include the spread of assets and no single reference database, no asset performance assessment system, no maximal/optimal assets (less ROA), and no spatial analysis tools that assist asset management.

property solutions to optimize assets
Lumbung land asset management solution

Lumbung LAM Solution

Lumbung LAM (Land Asset Management) providing solutions for land and building asset owners to the issue of asset productivity.

Lumbung LAM is a location-based asset management application that has a single reference database, able to provide an indication of asset development, and with spatial-based analysis tools capable to generate asset performance assessments.

Geospatial technology utilization in Lumbung LAM makes it easy for users to:

  • Visualize spatial property assets data
  • Update data online
  • Analyze property assets¬†utilization
  • Supports decision making in property asset management


Lumbung land asset management solution

ASSET Lite Solution

Asset Lite helps understand the availability of land and building assets, as well as space availability on building assets. With Asset Lite, users make it easy to fully inventorize and better manage their assets.

Asset Lite has several key modules for managing land and building assets. In these modules are displayed data in general, detailed data display, and user interface that displays data integration between asset database with spatial data.


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