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Urban Digital Transformation Solutions

Urban Governance Transformation

In the midst of the demands of changing times, global competition, and the urgent development of information and digital technology that eliminates the silo, everyone around the world is now almost connected in real time.

Information technology advancement should adapted to give birth to a development approach model called Smart City.

Smart City concept is believed to be a solution for development challanges in many countries.

Smart City is designed to increase the productivity of people living in it, as a result of urban management and management by utilizing information technology and digital optimally in all aspects.

smart city solutions
Starting from energy management and utilization system, spatial arrangement, building construction, environmental quality control, traffic arrangement, transportation system, to financial transaction and payment system, and public service. In short, the city developed into an economic and productivity engine that ultimately made people feel secure, productive, and prosperous.

Lumbung SmartCity Solutions

Solutions offered by Lumbung SmartCity are Traffic Management and Flood Management using a spatial analysis approach. Spatial analysis helps planners to analyze problem conditions based on data from targeted areas and utilize data displayed in real time.

cctv monitoring for smartcity

Traffic Management

  • Optimize CCTV by utilizing the functions of video analytics
  • Display traffic data real time
  • Utilize daily traffic data for better traffic management


cctv monitoring for smartcity

Flood Management


  • Provide information on the current situation of flooded areas
  • Provide predictions of flooded areas
  • Provide analysis of the impacts caused by the flood and as a reference of decision-making when the flood occurred


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