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Tourism Solutions

Increase tourist location visibility in easier and faster way.

The challenge faced by the government in tourism development exists in information and promotion management, where the tourists demand the availability of adequate information on tourism services in a region.

The search for adequate information will be done before the tour activities are conducted by potential tourists.

That means, information flows must be made in such a way as to become a good guide, by displaying interesting information, accurate, detailed and easy to get.

Mapping solution of Indonesian tourism area
lumbung geoappliance proposed solutions for tourism

Lumbung GeoAppliance Solutions

Lumbung GeoAppliance responds to meet the challenges faced by the government in tourism development through informative tourism map, not only visualize tourism objects but also connecting to tourism facilities and infrastructure such as accessibility, public facilities, physical condition of the region, and other supporting information.

Lumbung GeoAppliance function for tourism industry solutions, including:

  • Display tourism facilities and infrastructure condition in each region, as well as all supporting infrastructure.
  • Display condition and other historical data about cultural heritage objects in each region.
  • As a medium of cultural inventory and other potential areas, as well as for promoting regional tourism. So it can serve as a medium of local culture protection against others claims.

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